All Products Covered by our Warranty and Money Back Guarantee

Alloy Wheels with a 100% Guarantee


We know our industry inside and out and have a passion for all things motor vehicles. We like to keep things simple for our customers and want everyone who buys from us to leave with peace of mind. We deal in quality and only tried and tested products make it into our warehouse and on our customer vehicles. Given our stringent approach, we are able to offer a 100% money back guarantee on all wheels sold by us, new or used, and all tyres sold by us come with a manufacturer warranty. Please read below for full details.



We are confident in the wheels we trade in, both new and used, original, original style or aftermarket. All wheels sold by us are guaranteed to be free from structural damage and regardless of the wheel or price, you will not experience vibration on your vehicle when fitting any of our wheels. We offer a 100% money back guarantee on all wheels sold by us if:


    • Any touching or rubbing is experienced by a customer on their vehicle when fitted with the recommended tyre size for their vehicle, or
    • Any steering wheel vibration is experienced by a customer on their vehicle as a result of wheels sold by Wheel Nation Tyres Trading LLC, or
    • Wheels stated as original wheels are in fact not original – this does not happen.


All we request is that if a customer experiences vibration after fitting wheels sold by Wheel Nation Tyres Trading LLC, they inform us within 48 hours of having them fitted.

If vibration is experienced as a result of a customer driving their vehicle in a pothole at speed or driving with low air pressure in one or more tyres, & damaging the newly fitted wheels, Wheel Nation Tyres Trading LLC cannot be held responsible. Under the above conditions, even new wheels fitted by vehicle manufacturers are as likely to become out-of-round [bent] & subsequently cause vibration.


As with all products, there’s always chance of manufacturing faults. All tyres provided by Wheel Nation Tyres Trading LLC are covered under the manufacturer warranty however we go one step further to minimise any inconvenience. We inspect each and every tyre prior to fitting it on your vehicle so you do not have to come back days or weeks later.

Where there is a fault with a tyre purchased through us, we will not send you on your way to the manufacturer. Unlike others, we will deal with them directly so you’re not left running around unnecessarily.

Please Contact Us if you require any further information on any of the points mentioned above.