20" Dodge 50th Anniversary Wheels - Reproduction




Wheel Summary: A Set of 4 New 20" Factory Reproduction Dodge 50th Anniversary wheels finished in Black These are Dodge Style Wheels and not Dodge OEM wheels although they are manufactured by a tried and tested supplier who we have a long term relationship with.

Fitment: If you arrived at this page through searching for wheels based on our Make and Model search feature, they are a guaranteed fitment.

Product / Colour: 20" Dodge 50 Anniversary Wheels in Black.

Specifications: Front 20x9J ET15 Rear 20x10.5J ET15

Warranty / Guarantee: These wheels are a direct fitment and hub centric - spacers hub rings are not required. They are guaranteed vibration free at all speeds and come with our 100% money back guarantee.

Centre Caps / Wheel Nuts: They come with center caps, and wheel nuts (where the OEM wheel nuts will not fit).